Duro Scorcher ATV Tire 19x6-10 Set of 2 Tires 31-201910-196B

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2 Duro Scorcher ATV/UTV Tires - 19X6-10


Special Notes:

Please note: Tire sizes vary by machine please check your current tire and wheel size before ordering.


The Duro Scorcher is a hard surface tire designed for maximum tread contact and excellent traction on both asphalt and dirt. The Scorcher does this by using large, flame patterned tread blocks that grab the road with a large contact patch and divert water when conditions are wet. Duro also makes the Scorcher’s tread from a special compound rubber, specifically designed to maximize traction and handling during high-speed asphalt racing. With features like these, Duro has gone all out to give you the best performance possible from the Scorcher ATV/UTV Tire.



Flame patterned tread blocks maximized contact patch and improve cornering grip

Directional grooves decrease rolling resistance and provide excellent water evacuation

Special rubber compound is designed specifically for high-speed asphalt racing

Tires are NOT D.O.T. approved


2-ply rated.